Special Events Permit

Without reserving a portion of the beach to the exclusion of others: Just do it, the beach is public.

With a portion of the beach being reserved: Requires a “Special Event” approval, since the wedding would be utilizing a portion of public property to the exclusion of others. The basic philosophy is that if the wedding is similar to the usual use of the beach, where people erect their chairs or lay their blankets, no special arrangement is necessary. However, if a portion of the beach is “reserved for exclusive use”, such as with tents, ropes, platforms, etc., then a “Special Event” occurs, requiring an application approval, possible fee, etc.

For more information on forms contact The City of Tybee.

To obtain a Marriage License please contact the Chatham County Probate Court located in the Court House room #509 on Montgomery St. in Savannah, Ga. or Call (912) 652-7267 or Fax: (912) 652-7262.

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